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INTERVIEW: Foni Kansala’s NAM breaks silence
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INTERVIEW: Foni Kansala’s NAM breaks silence

The National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala, Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi has finally broken his silence on last week’s Kanilai shooting incident in which three Gambian soldiers were injured.

What’s On-Gambia: Can you tell us what happened last week in Kanilai?

Nyassi:I was at the National Assembly when the incident happened. One of my friends called to inform me about it. According to him, the Senegalese soldiers wanted to enter Casamance through a road that cuts through the former president’s residence.

The soldiers on duty asked them to take the main road since they didn’t receive any information about their coming.  They insisted not to allow them in, a physical fight ensued. One of the Senegalese soldiers discharged his gun causing injury to three Gambian soldiers who were referred to the hospital in Bwiam.  Two of them with severe injuries were later rushed to Banjul.

Were the people of Kanilai involved in the fight?

No, they were not but it caused panic in the whole village. Shops were closed and even some families ran to neighbouring villages to seek refuge.

Were you contacted by the Ministry of Interior after the incident?

No, as I am speaking to you, I was not contacted by the minister or anyone in his ministry. They always leave us in the dark and I think when there is an incident in Foni, the authorities in the area should be informed.

What’s your take on the presence of Senegalese soldiers in Foni?

The high presence of Senegalese soldiers in Foni is a cause for concern. I understand one of their reasons for coming to the country is for the security of the president and his government. So what are they doing in my constituency?

Is it true that your constituents in Kanilai are ready to die to protect the former president’s properties?

His Assets we can protect, we will protect.

We the National Assembly members of Foni recently met in Bwiam to discuss how to mobilise our constituents to continue to support the former leader and also, give solidarity to his farming activities.

Are you troublemakers?

Let them name a single Fonianka who is a troublemaker? Foni is part of The Gambia and the people of Kanilai have the right to associate with any party they want. It’s their constitutional right. We will continue to stand by our beliefs and values.

What are your thoughts on Barrow’s first 100 days in office?

All I see them doing is implementing projects initiated by the former government.  I wish and pray that Barrow brings developments because developments know no tribe, religion or nationality – everyone benefits.

Is Jammeh coming back?

We want him to come back. He’s a citizen of The Gambia and I am sure he would love to be in the country.

Are you happy with APRC’s performance in the NAM elections?

I still believe that APRC is the biggest and strongest party in the country. If you look at the NAM elections, the turnout was very low and you can’t use that to measure a party’s strength.

What’s your message to your constituents?

Let’s all stand together to nurture the peace and tolerance in the country. 


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