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Should Barrow legalise marijuana?
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Should Barrow legalise marijuana?

Some say it causes serious mental disorders. But others argue that it is an effective treatment for different illnesses.

The debate whether President Adama Barrow should legalise marijuana, commonly known as weed, continues to rage following the recently held National Assembly elections.

Social media commentator and former editorial writer for Standard Newspaper, Alieu Bah said in a Facebook post: “I was on national TV precisely two months ago calling on the government of the Gambia to decriminalise the herb. It's not just about the healing nature it holds but the fact that a lot of young people who could be active agents in building a new society will end up in jail for no reason except for a minor token of weed and stuff.

He added: “We can do better. But we can only do that when we realise what is at per with the times and how do we deal with those. Jails, incarcerations, will never develop or change any nation; it will only take it back to underdevelopment and misery.”

But according to sources close to the new government, the legalisation of marijuana is not on Barrow's priority list.


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