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Interview: Katz Jawara opens new beauty salon in Dippa Kunda
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Interview: Katz Jawara opens new beauty salon in Dippa Kunda

Katz Jawara has joined the enviable list of incredibly talented young Gambian women who have stormed the country’s lifestyle industry with innovation and style. The grandchild of the former president is welcoming customers into her Black Star Salon. Read our exclusive chat with her. 

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us about your new salon?

Katz:Black Star Salon was opened on 1st May 2016. It isn't just a salon to provide the normal salon business but as a trend setter and provider of everlasting solutions to hair treatments and styles that are meant to reform ones appearance.

All Thanks to my beautiful, ever supporting aunty Lady Chilel Jawara. She put me in to this!! Knowing I got talent and not making use of it!

What prompted you to go into salon business?

Passion! Hair dressing has always been a passion for me. So, getting into the business is more or less like a dream realisation for me. Finding pleasure in what you do (occupation) makes it easy to improve services in that area.

How many workers do you have and how did you find them?

I have four amazing and professional workers that have been in this field and are pretty well experienced. 

Why did you choose Dippa Kunda to open your first salon?

I chose Dippakunda because there is no salon around that exact end, topped with the shop being in my grandmother’s house so it was an easy choose.

Who was your first customer?

Anna Jagne, a very good friend.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

We as humans can only hope and Allah decides. But we hope to open in other locations bigger and with wider services. Let’s see what Allah has for me in store!

Are you planning to invite your grand dad, former prexy for a haircut?

(Laughs) Yes haircut and a cool pedicure.

Anything you want to tell your prospective customers?

You do not loose in trying especially with professionals and experienced hair magicians we bring together, all services topped with perfect customer satisfaction and a big smile. Don't be told, come see for yourself.



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