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Interview: What Aisha Fatty told Senegalese police
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Interview: What Aisha Fatty told Senegalese police

Senegalese police have released the transcript of their interview with famous socialite Aisha Fatty after her arrest for allegedly blackmailing her ex-fiance, multimillionaire Abdoulaye Thiam, by threatening to leak his nude images.

The 32-year-old Gambian-Egyptian beauty dismissed everything put to her by Police Commissioner Aly Kande.

Below is a summary of the interview:

POLICE: How many telephone lines and mobile phones do you have?

AISHA: I am the owner of two telephone lines - +22077***30 and +2202***000, both registered in my name. I have an iPhone 15 with the number +22077***30.

POLICE: Do you have social media accounts? If so, which ones?

AISHA: I have one Facebook account under the profile Aisha Saja Fatty and two WhatsApp accounts - private and business.

POLICE: Do you know Abdoulaye Thiam?

AISHA: Yes, I know him.

POLICE: What is the nature of your relationship with him?

AISHA: I had a romantic relationship with him for about a year in 2021. During our relationship, he proposed to marry me, but I found out that he was cheating on me with another woman. He was also very aggressive.

POLICE: According to Abdoulaye Thiam’s statement, you had a video call with him via WhatsApp, during which you were both naked. However, he alleged that you recorded the video call without his knowledge and consent.

AISHA: Yes, we had a video call via WhatsApp in which we were both naked. Contrary to his allegations, I never recorded it.

POLICE: Abdoulaye Thiam alleged that you threatened to send the images to his children and share them on social media for everyone in Senegal to see. He provided screenshots of your messages in which you vowed to carry out the threats if he ever tried to get your friend, Abdoul Aziz, arrested.

AISHA: I never made these threats to him. Besides, I don't know his children, and I don’t know the Abdoul Aziz he claimed is my friend.

POLICE: Can you tell us the identity of the person whose photo appeared on the screenshots submitted by Abdoulaye Thiam?

AISHA: It is the photo of my mother that appeared on the various screenshots submitted by  Abdoulaye Thiam. But I am not the author of those messages. Besides, I do not have any WhatsApp account displaying this photo of my mother.

POLICE: Abdoulaye Thiam made available to us a USB containing audio messages in which you allegedly threatened to publish his nudes.

AISHA: I am not the person in those audio messages.

POLICE: As part of this investigation,  Abdoulaye Thiam provided us with a screenshot of a message sent via WhatsApp from the telephone number +27836898819. He accused you of being the owner of the said number.

AISHA: That’s not true. I don’t understand French. I don’t even know the area code of the number.

POLICE: Do you consent to your cell phone being used for this investigation?

AISHA: I am not consenting to have my cell phone checked because it contains personal and confidential information.

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