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Interview with Ndey Yassin Camara: “I might be the first in my family to enter university”
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Interview with Ndey Yassin Camara: “I might be the first in my family to enter university”
After emerging as the best female student, Ndey Yassin Camara has given a reason for Gambians to smile about this year’s WASSCE results, even though the general performance of the students was poor. In this exclusive interview, she tells us about her journey. 
What’s On-Gambia: Tell us briefly about yourself?
Ndey Yassin: I am Ndey Yassin Camara, 18 years old. I am a former student of Gambia Senior Secondary School. I love meeting new people and moreover I love inspiring and mentoring my fellow students.  I like volunteerism a lot too.
You were announced as the best female student in this year's WASSCE. How did you feel about it? 
Being the best female student in the WASSCE, I feel grateful to Allah for this blessing. I feel ecstatic too because my result will be an inspiration to other students not only in my school but others too especially girls.
Would you mind share with us the steps you took that ensured your emerging with A1 in all your subjects except Further Math?
The steps I took were quite a lot. I was not only hardworking, determined and focused. I always challenged myself to be the best I can be in every little thing, even classwork. I helped to teach my classmates when there are free periods because through helping others, I learned to understand more especially, challenging subjects like Physics and Further Math. Prayers and discipline were one of my invisible armours.
How did you and your family celebrate your achievement?
My family were really happy with me, especially my mum. She was so proud of me. We celebrated this success as a family; my mum sang for me, my siblings hugged me and a lot more. Just the smile on their faces was enough joy for me.
What about your school?
My school didn't celebrate but my principal and teachers were also happy because it’s the best results so far in Gambia Senior Secondary School.
You were the school’s head girl. Were you forced to take up the responsibility? 
I wasn't forced to be the head girl, though some of my teachers admonished me to apply because of my comportment and dedication. I applied and luckily I was chosen.
Tell us about your family?
I live in an extended family. My dad passed away, so I live with my mum and siblings in Tobacco Road, Banjul.
Do you have any sibling in university? 
No. I might be the first in my family to enter university, In shaa Allah .
How old were you when your dad passed?
I was about 6 years old when my dad passed away. I can't exactly remember.
How would you describe losing him?
Losing my dad was really a sad experience. The thought of seeing my mum working together with my sister was difficult since dad is no more around.
Your mum. What can you tell us about her?
My mum is my greatest source of motivation. She inspires me a lot. And all my hard work is to make her proud someday. She keeps me moving.
What's next for Ndey Yassin?
I want to go to university, Inshaa Allah and study medicine through scholarship.
Do you want to go to university here or abroad?
I would love to study abroad. In Malaysia, if possible.
What advice do you have for young girls in school? 
My advice to all girls is that, we shouldn't leave everything for the boys. Especially in the sciences, what anyone can do, you can do too as well.
The path is not easy, but with determination, hard work, perseverance, drive, faith and prayers everything will be well. Inshaa Allah! 
Any person(s) you want to thank? 
I would love to thank my mum, my sister Fatou Camara and my siblings for the tremendous support and encouragement at home.
I also thank my teachers for believing in me and my capabilities. Especially ones like Mr. Conteh, Mr. Frank, Mr. Williams, Mr. Bah, Mama Thomas , the principal and my sponsors, Francis Degaulle Njie Foundation for paying my tuition fees during my senior secondary and everybody who in one way or the other contributed to this success. I wouldn't forget my friends too like Mariama Sillah, Mama Waggeh, Basiru Jaye, Yusupha Waggeh, Ndey Amie Njie etc. for the time we spent together studying and supporting each other.
Final words?
My final words are nothing good comes that easy, if you want something go for it wholeheartedly - then it shall be well. Alhamdulilah.

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