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Struggle bi easy wut! Fatou Camara’s hair loss rumour
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Struggle bi easy wut! Fatou Camara’s hair loss rumour

Having partied sooner than her time, Fatou Camara may as well join the club of retired driankes earlier than anticipated.

The former poster lady who still possesses flashes of beauty is reportedly developing balding patterns with noticeable hair loss. 

Hair loss in elderly men and women may not be something to worry about as hair quality changes as a person ages. But given Fatou’s age, it seems her thinning hair is a symptom of a much better problem.

Her  psychologically and emotionally draining ‘struggle’ against President Jammeh and his APRC government, which has been ongoing for more than two years now, is taking a physical toll on her.

In recent photos posted on her Facebook page, the former GRTS presenter appears to have an incredible receding hairline triggering fresh rumours that she is on the verge of going bald.

The photos were posted a few days after an APRC supporter with Facebook username, Samuel Dacosta, disclosed that he gathered from a reliable source that Fatou is suffering from hair loss.

“He has lost lots of hair and has to wear wigs to beautify herself.”

Whether Samuel’s revelation is true or not, the former presenter’s exposed scalp in her new photos have caused concern among some of her followers.

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