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Introducing Gambia’s own Princess Shyngle: Nollywood’s next big star
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Introducing Gambia’s own Princess Shyngle: Nollywood’s next big star

For this upcoming Gambian international actress, acting is not just a mere career. Completely passionate about what she is doing, 20-year-old Princess Shyngle said that acting requires intelligence, commitment, determination and team work. 

Although young, Princess is already making headlines in both Nigeria and Ghana. She’s one of the few Gambian girls with a promising future in Nollywood. Enjoy our exclusive interview with her:


What’s On: Tell us about yourself. 

Princess:  My name is Princess Shyngle. I was born on the 25th December, 1990. Daughter of Mr. WInston Shyngle current Deputy Mayor of Banjul and Ramatoulie Cham a business woman.  I was born in Banjul but brought up in Kanifing. 

I did my day care, nursery, primary, junior secondary and high school at Ndow’s Comprehensive, so I will say I am a product of Mrs. Ndow (laughs). 

After I graduated from high school I did an IT course at Jollof Tutors, then I started my own event company, Princess Promotions. It was a nonprofit making venture that was behind different types of events like inter-school beauty pageants, concerts and parties and the money generated was given back to the society in the form of donations to needy hospitals, schools, students etc. 

With the success of my events, I got spotted by Coca Cola Gambia Ltd (Gambega) and was offered a job as a marketing and events supervisor.  The offer was too good to let go so I took it and started working for them.

Princess 3 

How did you get interested in act? 

I was actually at work one day and I received a call from a friend telling me that some Nollywood producers are in town and they are doing a nationwide audition in search of a talented Gambian actor to represent The Gambia in an international reality show called The Next Movie Star Africa.  She asked me to go and give it a try. My reaction at first was like - I've never acted before, I know nothing about acting. She insisted and I decided to give it a shot. 

I went for the auditions the next day and I was very nervous I must say.  I was given a script and asked to act like a pregnant woman in labour. After the audition, they gave positive remarks and said they will get back to me. A few days later, I received a call from them and was told that I was selected to represent The Gambia in Nigeria together with 16 other contestants from other African countries. I was very excited and nervous at the same time, because it was a really huge challenge, but I was up for it. 

I was the youngest and the least experience actress in the whole competition. All the other contestants have done movies before but I didn't let that get to me. I wanted to represent Gambia to the fullest and with the help of God and my determination I made it to the final six and then came 3rd in the whole of Africa, it was unbelievable.

 What was your first break in the industry as a newcomer? 

Going to the Next Movie Star Africa competition and emerging the 2nd runner up was my first big break in the movie industry. I had instant publicity, exposure and fame in Nollywood. It was the public that were voting for me, because they thought I was talented, real, entertaining, intelligent and very fluent in English.

Did you encounter any problem during the process? 

Being a young actress in a foreign country is very challenging, but life itself is challenging. As long as you believe in God, believe in yourself, determined and humble then nothing can ever bring you down, that's what's helping me.

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What movie projects are you working on right now? 

I have worked on a lot of projects since I did Next Movie Star in 2011.  I did a series for the organizers where I played a lead, titled Dormitory 8 and it was aired on DStv African Magic for a whole year. Then I moved to Ghana and signed a contract with one of the biggest TV stations to play a lead in another series The 5 Brides, which is currently airing on DStv African Magic Chanel 151 every Tuesday, starting 8:30PM. 

I did a movie where I actually wrote the story and script titled The Hidden Fantasy, featuring stars like John Dumelo, Juliet Ibrahim, Martha Ankoma and others, and I recently co-produced my first movie with Ghana's leading producer Abdou Salam Mumuni, titled The Will and directed by award winning director Frank Rajah - featuring Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo, Kofi Ajorlolo, Nikki Samonas and others. 

I have lots of project!

Since you are part of Nollywood now, what is your opinion about some of the shocking sex scenes from Nollywood movies? 

Well personally I don't see anything wrong with sex scenes, because it’s just a movie and it’s not real. Doing a sex scene in a movie does not mean you actually having sex.  The job of a great actress is to interpret the character and make it look real, so the audience will believe and enjoy the movie. So I don't see anything wrong with sex scenes.


As a young beautiful actress tell us about your work ethic and achieving what you want. 

I am a very determined girl and a goal getter, I never let anything bring me down, always staying positive, hopeful, humble and very prayerful and these are things that have helped me a lot in my career path. When am given a script, I study the script then my character and put myself in the character before I go on set. I’m very friendly and jovial with the people I work with, but at the same time I know why I am there, I never give my directors problems I always deliver and I thank God for that.

Which Nollywood actor do you admire the most and would like to meet? 

I admire a lot of Nollywood actors, I won't say I have a favorite because they’re all different and unique in their own special ways and I have met most of them already, so I thank God for that (laughs).

When you're not busy acting, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Well I am a student, currently doing my Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, so when am not working I am busy in school or with school assignments  and from time to time I hang out with my friends especially at the cinema , clubbing, swimming, shopping and a few girlie things .

What is your all-time favorite movie and why?

Hmmmm I love all of Tyler Perry's movies because they’re funny, interesting, motivating and touching.  I love Tyler Perry he is someone I look up to and want to be like because he is a great actor, producer, director and writer, and the richest black film maker. In the future I would love to produce my movies, act in them, direct and write the movies.

What is something unique and interesting that most people wouldn't know about you as an individual?

Well I am a fashionista, I am obsessed with fashion, I am also very funny person, I enjoy cracking jokes and laughing all the time, and I am a great script writer, I love writing.

Final words?

Well it’s going to be an advise  to all the youths out there, believe in yourself, don't let anything bring you down, and let the sky be your limit, because if I can make it I know anyone can.

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