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Young, pretty and successful: Is Haddy Faye one of Gambia’s richest young ladies?
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Young, pretty and successful: Is Haddy Faye one of Gambia’s richest young ladies?

Say what you will about Haddy Faye but she is hard-working! 

She is only 25-years-old; Haddy has gone from a senior secondary school graduate, to become a hugely successful businesswoman with her own beauty salon and boutique, located on one of The Gambia’s most expensive streets. 

The Pipeline girl is from a middle-class family and attended Ndow’s Comprehensive. Following her graduation in 2007, Haddy quickly became devoted to fashion and glamour. According to a former schoolmate, she always had a thing for fashion and designing. 

Haddy 3

She started dating Raafat Al-Almar, a member of the Africell management team. Rafaat has his origin in Syria. 

According to a reliable source, the Africell manager supported Haddy to open Absolute Glam, a combination of a hair salon and a fashion boutique.  The young boss lady has seven employees – four Gambians and two Senegalese. 

Absolute Glam is known for providing Gambian girls with the latest fashion and hottest trends. Some of their customers include public figures like Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay, a former speaker of the National Assembly. 

What’s On-Gambia contacted Haddy to find out if Absolute Glam is a joint business venture with her fiancé and this was her response: “Absolute Glam is an individual business enterprise, registered under the laws of The Gambia. It is not a joint business. Raafat has been a source of support in everything I do, I would say we do everything together ever since I met him, but the business is solely mine.” 

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Haddy is not only into fashion, but also entertainment. She has organized series of successful events featuring musicians from both The Gambia and Senegal. Unlike other event organizers, the Absolute Glam owner is always prepared to patronize Gambian artists. 

“She once hired me for a performance and to be honest it was great to do business with her. She is friendly and very supportive,” said Gambian international star, Singateh. 

Recently, Haddy wrote on Facebook how grateful she is for all the support that fiancé Rafaat is offering her: “He loves me, he cares for me, he understands me, he pampers me, he caresses me, and he gets me going. He is the one who has been my constant source of strength. The one who has always listened to me, even when I go on at length. Being with him has taught me a million things and to be true I thank my stars that I managed to have found him….” 

 In The Gambia, it’s very difficult to determine how much a person is worth, but we can say without doubt that Haddy Faye is a rich young lady!

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