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Introducing Sophia, the best upcoming female singer
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Introducing Sophia, the best upcoming female singer


ophia is another talented young singer who came to light thanks to The Block Entertainment. Read below our interview with her:

What’s On-Gambia: What got you into music?

Sophia: It was just an inspiration, and I realized that I have the talent. People love to hear me sing.

Which singer inspired you?

Whitney Houston!

At what age did you start singing?

When I was 12 years old, in a choir.

You are now into reggae dancehall. How do you intend to penetrate the reggae market in The Gambia?

I am working with The Block and everything I do is based on their plans. We cannot disclose those plans now.

How many released singles do you have?

Two. One of them is titled Respect a Woman – it is just about guys that beat their women. We have to stop violence against women.

The second single is Break it Up, it is a love song.

Can you please tell us what type of contract you have with The Block?

I have a five year contract with them, which involves production of a mixtape and two albums.

Do you enjoy working with them?

Yes! The Block is a great team. We are like family.

Would you ever sleep your way to fame?

I would never do that. I believe in my talent.

How do you intend to stop men from making advances on you?

I cannot stop them, but I am not the type that jumps into bed with anybody just for fame. I am hardworking and trust my talent.

What is your relationship status?

I am single, and not ready to mingle.

Do you have a crush on any male musician in the country?

No! Seriously, are you asking me that?

You recently won the award, Best Upcoming Female Artist. Anything you want to say?

I appreciate all those that voted for me, and Ida Bidwell, the organizer. This is just beginning. I am going to work harder.

Any upcoming projects?

I am going to start working on a new song soon. A new video is also about to be released.

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