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Is Gee planning to have a second child? Rapper discusses family life and upcoming album with What’s On-Gambia
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Is Gee planning to have a second child? Rapper discusses family life and upcoming album with What’s On-Gambia

Give Gee’s latest single Burn Up Party ft. Jamaica’s Demarco, one listen and we guarantee you will be hooked.

The country’s numero uno rapper is currently busy in studio working on his second album, Situation. It’s been a few months since What’s On-Gambia last spoke to him, so we decided to contact him for a chat about his current projects and family life.

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us about your new single with the Jamaican international star, Demarco. How did that come about?

Gee:The track is amazing! Demarco gave it all, he had to record it twice and be completely satisfied before sending the project. ShyBoy did the linking and have been working with top Jamaican artists lately, so I managed to use that opportunity since he is part of the production team for my upcoming album.

Why Demarco?

Demarco is one of the leading artists in Jamaica, when it comes to online sales and I’ve been a fan for years now.

What details can you share about your upcoming album?

It’s a high budget album and the launching is high budget as well. I promised my fans an international album and that’s exactly what I'll be giving them.

Who are some of the artists we can expect to hear on the album?

There's already Demarco, plus a few other international artists. But I would like to keep that as a surprise for my fans. I am not spilling the beans (laughs).

Why are you still struggling to confirm the launching date?

I wouldn’t call it struggling (laughs). Our industry is filled with a lot of politics, so I’m keeping certain things to myself and my team until the time is right.

Is it true that Manding Morry is also launching his second album around the same time?

Yea he is. A classic album to be exact, because all the tracks I’ve heard from it are so far dope!

Any potential beef between you two?

Beef? No! Manding is like a brother. Besides music, we message each other at times and kick it whenever we meet up.

Do you write songs for other artists?

I restructured songs for a few. Change lyrics here and there. Actually I wrote a song for an RnB artist too.

Do you remember your mum’s first reaction to first time seeing you on stage?

That was the Fatu Show anniversary. At my last album launching she kept shedding tears. She said she was afraid I’m going to get booed at first (laughs).

Gee Family

What is it like to be a dad?

It’s a feeling you have to experience to know. No matter how stressful one's day is talking or spending time with your child can change all that.

What do you enjoy doing the most with your daughter?

Going out on our dates, she's in love with me. She thinks we're dating (laughs).

How is your wife doing?

She’s fine! Final year at university, so she's busy with school.

Are you planning to have a second child soon?

(Laughs) Inshallah! Aisha needs a lil brother or sister. She once told me this.

How do you deal with temptations that present themselves in the music industry?

(Laughs) I keep myself busy so I wouldn’t think of such.

What is your message to young guys that might look up to you as a role model?

Nothing good comes easy, my manager or people close to me can be my witness in wanting to quit music a couple of times - even few months before That Feeling dropped.

The journey is not easy and the people you keep around is what determines the speed of your journey, if you know what I mean. Some would push you towards the right direction and others would slow you down, but always remember you have choice.

Finally, why should we (Gambians) attend the launching of your album, Situation?

I don’t want to speak about the event in details but I’ve got a lot of surprises for The Gambia. I’m setting history AGAIN as TeamGEE always do it. As soon as I start the promo, Gambians will see what I have for them.

Listen to Gee’s latest single ft. Demarco


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