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Is Jali Madi in a love triangle? Model, Anna Manneh clarifies
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Is Jali Madi in a love triangle? Model, Anna Manneh clarifies

Jali Madi appears to be doing little to put the brakes on rumors that he is in a love triangle. This came after his widely talked about divorce from US-based model, Yama Faye. 

A source close to the afro-manding singer disclosed that he is dating both socialite girl, Fatoumatta Jallow and part-time model and sprouting businesswoman, Anna Manneh. 

Upon hearing that What’s On-Gambia is investigating about his love triangle, a furious Jali Madi wrote on his personal Facebook wall; “It’s sad to see such baseless stories about people's private life being put on the internet, such stories that undermines other's dignity, tarnishes images and bring about confusion among people….Some groups shouldn’t be on the net just for spreading false information.” 

Part-time model, Anna admitted to our reporter that she is dating the afro-manding star. She disclosed: “We’re together. I’m not in a love triangle, but in a relationship with Jali Madi.” 

She went further to say: “Before I dated him, I didn’t basically see any signs of him being with anyone. I only know about us. He told me that he had no girlfriend and I guess he wouldn’t lie about that. He made it clear that there wasn’t any next girl.” 

Our reporter tried also to talk to Fatoumatta Jallow, but to no avail. According to our source, she is still in love with Jali Madi. 

Anna Manneh is also linked to Abu from the group Abou ak Fafa. Does this mean that she is in a double love triangle? It’s even rumored that Jali Madi and Abu are now avoiding each other. 

Reacting to the rumor, the model said: “Well just to let you know, my relationship with Abou was back then but still the rumors can’t just get off about me seeing him still and all that ...”


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