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Is Jatou Mbowe pregnant AGAIN out of wedlock?
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Is Jatou Mbowe pregnant AGAIN out of wedlock?

Two love-children fathered by two different men. Jatou Mbowe could produce yet another new life soon. A close friend of the former club DJ has unveiled that she’s pregnant with her second child out of wedlock.

Now an actress, Jatou was pregnant with her first child when she was only 19. Her child, Jack, is now 8 years old.

Having lost the chance to wed Jack’s father, Jatou is now ready and willing to settle with the father of her unborn child, Omar Jallow.

Our source – her friend, Ya Sai Leigh – has revealed that she has given up drinking and smoking like a responsible expectant mum would do. 

However, that’s not enough to ensure stability between Jatou and Omar thanks to the boyfriend’s love affair with famous call girl, Oumie Ceesay.

Our source said the pair was discussing marriage when Oumie suddenly came and snatched him away.

“Everybody was shocked seeing Oumie and Omar Jallow holding hands and kissing in the club knowing the guy is engaged to be married to Jatou and she is carrying his child,” our source explained.

Exclusive report on Jatou’s feud with call girl, Oumie Ceesay coming next week! 



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