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Is marriage making Sally Tizzy slimmer?
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Is marriage making Sally Tizzy slimmer?


Famous TV presenter Sally Tizzy Jobe has taken to Instagram on Saturday to share new photos which captured a slimmer figure of her, leaving many wondering whether she's on a weight loss journey.

Sally captioned the photos she shared "on a very tight schedule of enjoyment. Soft life only."

One of her followers commented: "Nice beautiful lady. You are looking so beautiful."

Another follower wrote: "You have beautiful skin."

More than 690 followers including musician-cum-producer Singateh, rapper Attack Gaye and many other celebrities liked the photos.

Sally Tizzy, a former host of the Playlist on Kerr Fatou online TV, got married last year to a Nigerian. She's now Mrs. Shoroye and owns her own company, Tizzy Media.

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