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Italian mafias declare war on Gambian migrants in Sicily
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Italian mafias declare war on Gambian migrants in Sicily

Sicily is the birthplace of mafia. But the syndicate that evolved from an anti-tyranny group to a criminal organisation has now declared a war against African migrants. And, Yusupha Suso, a young Gambian migrant, who was shot in the head, seems to be the first casualty.

According to the DailyMail, the mafia bosses are not happy with the large presence of migrants on their island, which is home to hundreds of young Gambians that arrived in Italy through the Mediterranean Sea.

The British newspaper disclosed that the deadly mafia-migrant war began after African criminal gangs apparently entered Italy alongside law-abiding migrants, and started to operate ‘on the mafia’s doorstep’.

Yusupha, who works as a translator in refugee camps, was shot in the head while out in the town with his friends.  Recovering at a hospital, he described his survival as a miracle.

The shooting led to a huge demonstration organization by Gambians in Sicily. They carried placards asking for protection from the Italian government and EU.

Is it safe for Gambians to remain in Sicily?

One of them, who arrived on the island less than three years ago, said it is safe. He downplayed the threats by the mafia as a ‘bluff’

However, the police commissioner, Guido Longo is concerned about the rising tensions between mafia groups and migrants, especially those from Africa.

He told DailyMail: “We are facing acts of unprecedented aggression and bullying [against migrants] with typically Mafioso attitudes. There is a will to impose their rule on the territory.”

Most of the Gambians in Sicily are living in refugee camps that are protected from attacks by anti-migrant groups.


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