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Jainaba says Gambian men are not romantic
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Jainaba says Gambian men are not romantic

"Some Gambian men don't know how to turn their women on. They are shy and would always turn off the light during sex."

These are the words of one Jainaba Jallow, a married woman, during a recent chat with What's On-Gambia. 

"They would tell you that it's haram to lick a woman. I think that's a lie. Another thing about them is that they prefer to sleep after sex instead of cuddling," she said.

Jainaba added: "Throughout my relationships with Gambian men, I noticed they are not good at dirty talks."

When asked whether Gambian women are good in bed, Jainaba responded: "We have ladies that are very good in bed, especially ladies like me who were born in the 1990s. That's why when we become second wives, our co-wives always complain accusing us of taking our men to marabouts. It's no marabout work, we know what the men want in bed."

She continued: "As wives, we should teach our husbands and show them what we want in the bedroom. Show them the areas they should touch for us to scream."

The outspoken young mother argued that Gambians should change their mind-set and improve their sex life. 


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