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Jorna Fatoumatta emotionally announces divorce from Jali Lamin Saho
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Jorna Fatoumatta emotionally announces divorce from Jali Lamin Saho

One of The Gambia’s favourite European women, Jorna Fatoumatta has announced her divorce from Jali Lamin Saho after more than six years of marriage.

The Dutch-born announced their decision to call it quits as she took to Facebook with a short and emotional statement on Monday.

She revealed: “Dear FB family and friends, I’d like to inform you about the fact that I have decided to divorce. It’s very painful but In Sha’Allah everything will work out fine for everybody involved and we can heal ourselves in peace.

“For this, I’d like to ask you not to refer to me with my former surname or anything referring to my former surname, cause that’s too painful for me to deal with.”

Jorna’s post generated a lot of comments, with many of her friends offering some encouraging words.

Her estranged husband also took to Facebook: “Hello family, friends and fans, I am very sorry to inform you that I am in divorce at this moment. You know I turned my life upside down to support my family here. Now somethings will change. But…. I will keep supporting my kids. I hope to see them soon inshallah.”

Jorna met Jali Lamin Saho while on holiday in The Gambia with her parents.

She once told What’s On-Gambia: “We met in The Gambia where I happened to be attending one of his programs in the Senegambia area, together with my mum and dad, when we came over for holidays.

“My mum saw him straight away, and of course he caught my attention too. After his program, we started talking, and we continued talking for the whole night.”

The mother-of -two added:  “Lamin is an amazing person, inside and out.  He has a pure heart and is always there for me, any time of every day. And together with that, he is the most amazing father I could wish for my baby to grow up with. He’s definitely my soul mate.”

So what happened, Jorna?


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