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Katato! T Smallz talks European tour and upcoming album
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Katato! T Smallz talks European tour and upcoming album

T Smallz Suso’s quest to become a music export is taking roots. The popular singer is on a European tour and has already performed in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In this interview, he talks about his performances and reveals the launch of his upcoming album.

What’s On-Gambia: How was your Helsinki debut?

T Smallz:It was awesomely great! I had mad fun! 

Were there many Gambians in the crowd?

Oh yes! It was more of Gambians this time but sure with some Finnish people as well. Big up Masta Lion for putting it together even though it was a bit prompt. He’s one guy we need in the industry, no doubts.

You were also in Sweden and Norway. Tell us about those performances.

Norway was remarkable for real and they were the very ones that invited me for the Oslo Gambian Cultural Week. One love to the association! The performance was well appreciated by the people because even before I updated my fans, it was all over Facebook. So, that shows how much they appreciated it.

In Sweden, I was at the Culture Clash Festival, which is basically a Swedish festival. I had the opportunity to perform with Dj Miss Jen from the Rough Lynx. This was also well attended by Gambians.  I am honored, and appreciate everyone that came up to cheer me up.

Are there any particular songs of yours that you enjoyed performing on stage?

Oh yes! Of course,Guewel was a highlight on most of the shows. But the track that surprised me is not out yet, but still people where dancing to it. It's called Blama - a big collabo yet to be released.

Have you learnt anything new about the music industry in Europe?

Yes, there is so much professionalism in everything they do. Time is also really important.. And yes, you need to be good, the extra way, to be able to move your white audience.

Any new album coming?

Yes, I am launching my fourth album called Dunj Bena, which will be coming December 16th 2016. I am hoping What's On-Gambia to be part of the promotion (laughs).

Tell us about your duet with Adiouza?

I meet her via NFU and we had a good vibe musically. So we worked on few tracks for Wollof Beats Project. This contains artists like Xuman, me, NoFace and more.

How was it like working with her?

Easy going and down to earth beautiful lady. We laughed, we worked, we joked – it was fun.

Anything you want to tell us about the current state of the Gambian music industry?

Too much nahateh!! And I think is high time everyone is involved to work hard for a better industry.

Why are artists struggling to make ends meet?

At the end of the day everyone deserves ends meet.

What does the rest of 2016 have in store for T Smallz?

I think dropping an album is a lot of work and yes that alone says it all. So more videos, more positive songs, more collaborations and more performances.

Any message for your fans?

Keep believing in me for I believe in you all. Love my fans to death!



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