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Kehinde says Jammeh is Gambia’s greatest president ever!
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Kehinde says Jammeh is Gambia’s greatest president ever!

A former teacher at Kaur Senior Secondary School last week hailed ex-President Yahya Jammeh as the Gambia's greatest president ever, for bringing education to the doorstep of poor and underprivileged children.  

In a lengthy Facebook post that was shared by some APRC supporters, Adetona Ahmed Kehinde argued that "Jammeh made children of nobody be somebody".  

"Before Jammeh, those that had access to education in The Gambia were very few and the number of senior secondary schools could be counted on fingertips. It is only the children of the elites and those in government that had access to international scholarships and they were been specially groomed then to take over from their fathers," said Mr Kehinde. 

He continued: "As a teacher in The Gambia for over fifteen years, I can at least say somethings about the Gambian education system.

Jammeh`s administration embarked on massive construction of schools and made it possible for children from the provinces to have access to quality education. Some of his critics said it is Education without quality. Let me tell you this, The Gambia public education system was one of the best in Africa." 

The former teacher, who now lives in Denmark, further argued: "Jammeh made international scholarships available to those that were qualified without bringing in nepotism, tribalism, or political party affiliation. Believe me, when I talk about this, I know what I am talking about. Students that were children of nobody got scholarships from the government to study abroad on merits." 

One of Kehinde's followers, Baboucarr Babou commented: " Let's try to accept the truth when it's told. At the age of 32, I was awarded a scholarship 100% based on merit to study for my bachelor's degree at the University of the Gambia. I have neither worked for the government nor did I know anyone at the ministry. Although he has his faults what you wrote in this piece is the simple truth." 

Another follower Sarjoe Jarju wrote: "Great piece; readable, factual, honesty and undeniable write-up. It takes a truthful and honest person to accept one's goodness, irrespectively. Thank you, Sir Adetona Kehinde."


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