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Another alleged scandal at the port involving GRA officials
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Another alleged scandal at the port involving GRA officials

The allegation that 200 vehicles were recently allowed to exit the port in Banjul without paying customs duties has exposed the deeply entrenched cartels at the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) that for years made millions of Dalasi through fraud, bribery, theft and other illegal acts involving dishonesty. 

An insider at the Gambia Ports Authority (GPA), who begged for anonymity, alleged: "200 cars were fraudulently cleared by customs officers sometime in the Ramadan. Nothing was paid into national coffers." 

He added: "At the time, the chief customs officer at the port was on holiday, but his assistants were aware of what exactly happened."  

The Public Relations Officer at the GPA, Modou Lamin Sanyang confirmed to What's On-Gambia that a vehicle carrier was in the country to deliver cars to the port.  

However, he said he could "neither confirm nor deny" that 200 vehicles were cleared without a single butut paid into national coffers.  

"I wish i can give you all the information as per your request but no such evidence is at hand currently. I wish you all the best in your endeavours towards a better Gambia we want," said Sanyang. 

Our source disclosed the Customs unit at the port is notorious for abetting tax evasion and bribery.  

He said: "Customs officials are responsible for collecting taxes at the port and ensuring that import and export procedures are adhered to. They have greater discretionary powers and opportunities to extract bribes than GPA officials."  

All efforts to reach GRA's commissioner general, Yankuba Darboe have so far proved futile. 


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