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Killa Ace not planning to return to The Gambia soon
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Killa Ace not planning to return to The Gambia soon

Mildly popular rapper, Killa Ace, has overnight become the hottest musical property in town with his new song, Ku Buga C Geta G.

It however appears that he will pay a price for his courage.  

In fact, there has been a lot of talk last week about Killa Ace’s exact whereabouts after the release of the controversial single.

According to a member of the Cypher Rap Movement, the rapper is in Dakar and wants to return home, but is afraid of being called for questioning by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

On the 22nd June, Killa Ace released Ku Buga C Geta G, a single that is critical of Jammeh’s government. His fans, most of them in the Diaspora, argued that he acted in the public interest by revealing some of the difficulties Gambians are facing. 


“I don’t think he will come home any time soon,” said rapper Bigg Rozay.

One of Killa Ace’s critics told What’s On-Gambia: “Why is he hiding in Dakar? Like he said in a recent Facebook post, he has not committed any offence. I don’t think there is any arrest warrant on him.”

However, there are reasons why the outspoken rapper is afraid of returning. He is the first musician to openly criticize the government.

Fanta Jarjussey, a UK-based journalist said: “I'm not typically a Killa Ace fan but I think his new single is inspiring. Being that it is politically driven makes it empowering for not only Gambian society as a whole but the youth in particular.

“He has given them a voice on a public platform by telling their story through his music. Whether we agree with the song's content or not, it's definitely empowering.”

Ku Buga C Geta Gscored an unprecedented 15,000 plays in the 24 hours following its release on SoundCloud. It is the best ever for a Gambian song on the music sharing website.

Some prominent people in the industry, like American-born producer Hakim, have since distanced themselves from the single.

According to a caller on the Fatu Radio, Ku Buga C Geta G was sponsored by a Diasporian politician group, but we could not confirm the veracity of this claim at press time.

Now the question is: When is Killa Ace returning home?

In a recent Facebook post, he assured fans that he was okay, but refused to disclose information about his whereabouts. 


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