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Lamin Tamba: “As it stands, Jammeh is our presidential candidate”
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Lamin Tamba: “As it stands, Jammeh is our presidential candidate”

The spokesman of the United Kingdom branch of the APRC, Lamin Tamba has disclosed that former President Yahya Jammeh is their candidate in the December 2021 presidential election. 

He told What's On-Gambia: "As it stands, Jammeh is our presidential candidate. He was voted in as the flagbearer for December 2021 in our 2018 and 2021 congresses. If he doesn’t want to run or doesn’t return to The Gambia, we will call a Special Congress or Extraordinary Congress, and select a Presidential Candidate." 

Tamba continued: ”He will return. I don’t know when, but he will return.” 

NPP- APRC alliance 

The outspoken APRC stalwart revealed that they have not yet allied with President Adama Barrow's NPP, which is among the newest political parties in the country. 

"The APRC party leaders in The Gambia are talking to all parties, but the NPP talks seem to gather more headlines because an NPP + APRC is UDP’s worst nightmare. That means UDP is dead. Other parties are also trying to stop any chance of an APRC & NPP alliance. That combination means a straight win. APRC + GDC will win straight too." 

Tamba denied allegations that their leaders already sold the party to the president. 

"There are allegations that we are working with NPP or sold the party to NPP. That is false at the moment. The negotiations at the moment are related to our seized vehicles and equipment." 

Jammeh is a Pan Africanist 

Tamba argued: "No African president is as instrumental as Jammeh when it came to peace deals. He unilaterally brought peace to Casamance and Guinea-Bissau during his time, and he was actively involved in bringing peace to Liberia and Sierra Leone. 

"He also evacuated citizens of other nations, not just Gambians in times of disaster, eg. Libya and Ivory Coast. He helped Guinea and Liberia to fight Ebola by giving them half a million US Dollars each. 

"The best Pan African President of modern times, if not all times. He is the most underrated of all Pan African leaders. I can’t think of any other African President who brought peace to 4 African African countries."


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