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Lebanese restaurant accused of racism against Gambians
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Lebanese restaurant accused of racism against Gambians

Famous journalist, Kebba Camara has accused Fast Ali restaurant in Westfield of racism in a Facebook post after he was asked to leave because he only ordered a drink.

In the post, Kebba wrote: “The girls working there are fantastic. They are nice people.  But the Lebanese there are racist and the security should take note.”

He continued: “Is not the place to be when you want to relax and have a drink with a mate. They will want you to buy food or they send you out.”

Kebba’s post quickly became popular with some of his followers agreeing with him, saying the Lebanese owners of Fast Ali have no respect for their Gambian customers.

“True Talk Kebba, I had the same experience about 7 months ago which is why I never step my foot at that entrance again! I didn't buy just a bottle, I was there with friends and was asked to leave immediately we finished our food and drinks! !! They've been like that since but very different when their fellow Narrs go there!” commented famous youth leader, Mbye Bittaye.

Pato Jallow, who claimed to be a regular customer, said “I am a regular customer there. I know these people as I know myself, ask me about their restaurant and I will tell you. The two Lebanese there are Ahmed and Ali. They are very wicked. Very racist and stupid.”

One Binet Jallow also commented: "I can attest to this, Kebs you very right, they are too arrogant and rude. When their own Lebanese people come they treat them special but when a Gambian comes there they treat you like shit."


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