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Man impregnates his semester brother’s wife
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Man impregnates his semester brother’s wife

A semester got the shock of his life when he discovered that his wife, whom he had not had sex with in over a year, was pregnant.

As if to add salt to injury, he later found out that the one who was banging his wife while he was away in the cold was none other than his own brother.

A source revealed: "The incident happened in a village called Kusalang, near Brikamaba in the Central River Region. She got pregnant while her husband was away in Spain."

He continued: "The wife recently gave birth, but she killed the baby after dropping her in a mayonnaise bucket. The incident was reported to the Fulabantang Police Station and later transferred to Brikamaba Police Station for further investigations."

But according to the source, the family wants the police to discontinue their investigations and brush everything under the carpet.

When asked how the semester's brother managed to have consensual sex with her sister-in-law, the source responded: "That's not clear, but some are speculating that it was through the help of a marabout."

The case is still before the Brikamaba Police Station.

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