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Meet Gambia’s most arrogant senior civil servants
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Meet Gambia’s most arrogant senior civil servants

When they arrived in their new jobs, many Gambians thought they will change the trajectory of our country for good, but we were all wrong.

Here are the most arrogant and divisive senior civil servants in Barrow’s scandal ravaged government:

Ebrima Sankareh

This badly dressed and bombastic government spokesperson is one of the most annoying top civil servants The Gambia ever had. Sankareh as a government spokesperson instead of building bridges is engaged in burning bridges between the government and the country’s hard-working media.

Sankareh makes sure to lambasts the media and journalist as unprofessional and uneducated any chance he has. He is also very unprofessional and divulges secret information of the president, government and ministers on live interviews without knowing the damage he incurs by doing just that.

Amie Bojang

She is the most incompetent public relations professional in Barrow’s government. She recently wrote a badly-written press release that went viral and became the butt of jokes on the internet.

The barely high school graduate and former local language announcer on GRTS has been engaged in passive-aggressive war with the media while burning bridges between the State House and the media.

Amie Bojang’s performance on her job is so mediocre that a visiting Commonwealth team flagged her performance and competence thusly: “The Office of the President has not been successful, in effectively communicating with the Gambian population the challenges faced by the government and its successes. Additionally, the security arrangements around the President have caused some resentment among the security services and reinforced the impression of foreign influence and a detached President.”

Ba Tambadou

Current Minister of Justice, Tambadou is the most hated and despised minister in Barrow’s government right now. As a minister of Justice and Attorney General, Ba Tambedou presided over a loud but incompetent ministry.

His decision to release the jungulars and the not so diligent prosecution of NIA 9 case left many wondering if he is really up to his job as Minister of Justice.

Tambadou, self-destructive as ever got himself mired in a diplomatic passport saga leading to an avalanche of calls for his immediate resignation.


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