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Should UDP apologize to Gambians for giving us Barrow?
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Should UDP apologize to Gambians for giving us Barrow?

“UDP should apologize for giving us Barrow.” This is a controversial statement made by a US-based journalist Alex Darboe.

He seems to be right on point given the problems The Gambia is facing under President Adama Barrow. But some UDP stalwarts think otherwise.

Writing on his Facebook page Darboe argued: “Seriously: UDP as a political party under the leadership of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe needs to go on a nationwide tour at home and abroad to apologize to Gambians. Why if you ask me? UDP needs to apologize for the irresponsibility of giving us the weakest and the most unsophisticated president our country ever had.” Writing further, he added: “Of all the leaders UDP as a party had, they chose to be irresponsible enough to give us a spineless, clueless rube to run for the highest office of our land. Now we have a problem. Now, there is chaos and confusion in the land. The youths are jobless and hopeless. The country is sitting on a ticking time bomb and very ripe for revolution and disorder any minute.”

 Responding to the US-based journalist, Musa Darboe a Germany based social commentator said: “Remember, we would have gone for a Dog as an alternative just to remove Jammeh. Let's not be carried away by the blunders of Barrow from our defining moments under Jammeh. Anything but Jammeh. And Barrow was not this bad. Let's say change is the only constant thing in Human. Unfortunately, Barrow changed negatively. UDP has a structure and even a dog would be able to lead progressively under such structure”.

Facebook user, Baseline Dahaba, another UDP stalwart based in Madison, Wisconsin chipped: “Circumstances led us to produce Barrow. He was known to be honest, dedicated and full of humility. The plan was to guide him by putting the right people around him. We all knew he was not sound academically but at the time we needed someone with the said qualities mentioned above.”

Matthew K Jallow another US-based social analyst had no one to blame but Halifa Sallah and Fatoumatta Tambajang: “Fatoumata Tambajang and Halifa Sallah too need to apologise to Gambians for staging the Coalition elections hastily. It was a coup against Dr Touray. With Dr Isatou Touray travelling on a campaign upcountry, they, at least, Halifa thought if they held the elections in the absence of Dr Touray, he'd be elected. It didn't happen that way. Adama Barrow, the lowest hanging fruit was elected, instead. If the elections were held with Dr Touray there, we would have never heard of Adama Barrow.”

Morry Jammeh, a neutral commentator in the debate said: “At the time of the nomination there was no one with the intestinal fortitude to stand as a coalition candidate because it was a very dangerous moment for most politicians against the dictatorship. Even if other members of the UDP were prepared to be selected, it was likely that their families were not on board. It is the responsibility of the people now to set things right without any violence.”


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