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Meet some of the famous biracial Gambians with European mothers
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Meet some of the famous biracial Gambians with European mothers

Here are some the most famous biracial Gambians with European mothers. Some of them live in The Gambia, while others visit regularly to spend time with their Gambian families.

Sona Jobarteh

British-born Gambian singer and songwriter, Sona gained both national and international fame as the first female kora player to ever emerge from The Gambia.  She is the granddaughter of Amadou Bansang Jobarteh.

Mallah Salleh

Although little is known about his early life, Malleh is one of the most famous hoteliers in the country. Sources revealed his mother is Dutch. The Political Science graduate is also the deputy chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

Badou Jack

A very famous boxer in Sweden, Badou represented The Gambia at the 2008 Olympics and was the country’s flagbearer. His father, according to sources, is from an influential Gambian family.

Edward Singateh

Together with his brother, Peter, they are the only known biracial Gambians who served in the Gambian Army. Edward, half-Scottish, was among the soldiers that led the 1994 coup d’état. He held various positions in the former government before he fell out with ex-president Jammeh. 

Lena Nian

Born to a Swedish mother, Lena is the co-founder of Fashion Weekend Gambia – the most famous fashion show in the country and takes place annually.  Lena is married to the CEO of Hot Ink, Bankie Grey-Johnson and together they have two children.

Seinabo Sey

She is a Swedish recording artist and songwriter who is very proud of her Gambian heritage. Seinabo’s late father, Mawdo Sey was a renowned musician in the country.

David Jatta

Famously known as David Jay in the Danish music scene, he regularly visits The Gambia to promote his music. David’s most recent music video, Get Like Me, has garnered more than 140,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded in September.

Daniel Lamin Jadama

He speaks fluent Mandinka. Daniel was born in Sweden but visits The Gambia regularly. He’s a famous DJ and film director in Stockholm, where he lives with his family. 


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