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Meet the Gambia’s top female celebrities
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Meet the Gambia’s top female celebrities

Here are some of The Gambia’s top female celebrities (A-List). They live in decent houses, drive fancy cars and dine at Senegambia’s most expensive restaurants.

Haddy Faye

The Kololi-based socialite is right now the most powerful event organiser in the country. Haddy, who regularly spends more than D30, 000 on her hair, is the official organiser of Youssou Ndour’s first concert in the New Gambia.

Fatu Camara

She is the most famous Gambian female journalist with more than 280,000 followers on Facebook.  Fatu recently returned to The Gambia after more than three years in political exile in the USA. There are rumors swirling that she’s planning to start her own TV station.

Kadijah Kebbeh

She attended some of the most expensive schools in the country before travelling to the UK for her university education. Khadijah is a businesswoman who once owned a shop along the Kairaba Avenue.

Aisha Fatty

The former State House protocol officer is now a businesswoman.  Aisha is the ex-wife of footballer Tijan Jaiteh.

Fatou Touray

She’s the co-host of Kerr Fatou – the most expensive talk show ever on GRTS.  Fatou is the CEO of Kora Group Gambia Ltd.

Lilian Azizi

The Malawian-born is undoubtedly one of the most successful businesswomen in the country. Some of the businesses under her management include Afriq Cars.

Awa Fatty

She was married to multi-millionaire Yusupha Saidy. Awa is the CEO of Metro Fashion in Fajara.

Chilel Sarr

The Banjul-born is the publisher of Elegance Magazine.  Chilel loves to travel. Her sister is married to one of the wealthiest men in Senegal. 


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