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Mo Gates: Meet Senegambia’s latest tycoon
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Mo Gates: Meet Senegambia’s latest tycoon

Nothing has recently captured the soul of Senegambian Facebook and Instagram users at home and abroad than the wealth and showmanship of Senegalese-born American businessman, Mo Gates. 

The young tycoon revels in wealth and grandeur above the style of even his American namesake and billionaire Bill Gates. 

We put our super kanja mouth “kissy Kissy mansa” to work and these are what we found out about Mo Gates who is fast becoming the darling of media and television personalities in both The Gambia and Senegal. 

  • Mo Gates has very little if any college education in the US. Further investigation has not discovered any record of him attending college at all.
  • Mo Gates used to be a door to door salesman in New York and other parts of America until he hit it big and wherever that money comes from, we don’t know.
  • In an interview on Senegalese television, Mo Gates revealed he made most of his money by investing on stocks and other viable businesses on America’s Wall Street. 

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