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Nancy Nanz, Rugie and Cess Ngum: Where are they now?
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Nancy Nanz, Rugie and Cess Ngum: Where are they now?

The Gambian music industry is ‘not female-friendly at all.’ The only promising young female singer right now is Sandeng of the Humanity Starz.

What happened to Rugie, Nancy Nanz and Cess Ngum. What’s On-Gambia takes a look at how they fared in the industry:

Nancy Nanz

Nancy Nanz

Nancy Nanz is probably best remembered for her lovely fashion taste, rather than her singing voice.

Nevertheless, around 2003-2006, she was the most popular young female singer in the country. Nancy’s career highlights include a combination with Senegalese rap giant, Paco T.

After getting married to a semester in Germany, her popularity started declining. According to some Gambian music enthusiasts, Nancy’s vocals are very weak and inconsistent.

The former cutie is now a mother-of-two. Nancy is back into studio working with producers like Nigerian-born B-Master. She is likely to drop a diss track against her critics.



She was signed by Music-o, a Gambian music label that mismanaged her career.

Since Rugie entered the music scene, she hasn’t release a single album or been on tour – calling into question the credibility of Music-o. 

The Gambia was in love with Rugie. But few years after ending her contract with Music-o, her interest in music started fading away. She is now a reluctant star, who hates publicity.

Last year, the Bakau singer was voted as The Gambia’s Best Female Singer by What’s On-Gambia followers.

Unlike her colleagues, she is still single. Rugie is a talented singer, and fans will definitely be happy to see her back on the stage.


Cess Ngum

She is the shy female singer with a very nice voice. Cess Ngum never got her big break, despite having a father, who is a music legend.

Most of her music videos on YouTube portray a young woman with a unique talent but whose simply not yet sure of herself. She is wary of fame and doesn’t aspire to be a big star.

Cess Ngum’s life took a rough turn when her husband, Ebrima JT Kujabi lost his job as ambassador-at-large at the Gambian Embassy in Washington DC, USA. She is currently a stay-at-home mum to two kids.

According to reliable information reaching What’s On-Gambia, Cess is about to quit music. She is planning to return to the USA to bag a university degree. 


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