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Ndeysan! Sheikh Sidia Bayo puts presidential aspirations in peril
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Ndeysan! Sheikh Sidia Bayo puts presidential aspirations in peril

It seems Sheikh Sidia Bayo has ruined his chances of becoming President of the Republic of the Gambia after he was dragged to court by Coco Ocean Resort and Spa for unpaid bills.

The Paris-based politician, who once threated to launch an armed rebellion against former President Jammeh, is currently on bail. 

He was arrested at the Banjul International Airport on his way to France and appeared in court for refusing to pay D1.7m to the five-star resort hotel.

The squalid episode began when Bayo and his entourage checked into Coco Ocean Resort and Spa, where rooms are said to be very expensive. Some of their former customers include Senegalese-American superstar, Akon.

After staying in a presidential suite with an elegant bedroom for two weeks, the loud-mouthed presidential aspirant left without paying prompting the hotel’s management to file a lawsuit against him.

Bayo managed to escape and while in France, he went live on Facebook denying the allegations. According to him, the bills were to be settled by a French investor, Philippe Andre Raymond Piere Etienne, who was with him in The Gambia.

He later came back to the country on a private visit. Upon hearing about Bayo’s arrival, Coco Ocean Resort and Spa’s management quickly filed an absconding debtor’s warrant which led to his arrest.

When the case was called before Justice Buba Jawo of the Banjul High Court, Lawyers Anna Njie and Momodou W. Jallow appeared for the hotel, whilst Bayo appeared for himself.

Lawyer Njie applied for the Court to grant her to examine the Paris-based politician, for failing to pay the sum.

Bayo disclosed he doesn’t have a property of his own in The Gambia and lives at his wife’s apartment. He also informed the court that he has a car rental company in France named Safa VTC.

According to him, he only has D2, 500 in his Gambian bank account at Access Bank.

The case continues…


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