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Njie Manneh’s childhood friends confirm he is “bulletproof”
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Njie Manneh’s childhood friends confirm he is “bulletproof”

Some of Njie Manneh's childhood friends and former classmates at Brikama-ba in the Central River Region has confirmed the controversial social media influencer survived the April 11 Student Demonstration "due to bulletproof charms he was wearing".

Njie, was one of the former student leaders who recently appeared before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) to testify on the demonstration that killed some of his friends.

He told the Commissioners that he was "bulletproof" on April 11.

" The soldiers fired at me multiple times, but they couldn't kill me. The charms I was wearing prevented the penetration of the bullets."

Shortly after his testimony, some of his critics flocked to social media accusing him of being a pathological liar.

One Arfang Sanyang wrote: "I know Njie Manneh very well. We are living in the same camp in Germany.  All he was saying are lies."

However, one of Njie's former school mates at Brikama-ba disclosed on WhatsApp: "Njie Manneh was bulletproof. On April 11, his body refused to take in the bullets fired at him.  I witnessed it. I was there when the soldiers were firing at him."

Another childhood friend, Bakary Camara added: "Njie Manneh is a real man. He is a nyancho. He still has his bulletproof charms."


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