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No more beef! Gee drops new single “Without You”
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No more beef! Gee drops new single “Without You”

Gee is back, ready to up his game and protect his position as the leading rapper in the country. He has just rolled out a new single, as he continues work on a new project coming soon. The single featuring American singer-cum-producer, Bilal is called Without You. 

The rapper told What’s On-Gambia; “The single is mainly about meeting the right person and how she makes you feel, how you wouldn’t exchange her for anything. The impact she has in your life, being the reason you look forward to waking up the next morning. To cut the story short, life makes sense when you meet her and imagine living life again without her.” 

What’s Gee talking about? According to some fans, the new single is a celebration of his recent reconciliation with his estranged wife and mother to his only daughter. 

Without You is sure to blaze up the country. “It’s a job well done. I just love it,” said a Gambian music pundit. 

The current king of Gambian rap said the single still has the ‘vibe’ of his last album, That Feeling. Without You made history in becoming the first Gambian release produced by Sunland Music-B, the Gambia’s newest recording studio owned by Bilal, brother to popular producer, Hakim. It is also the first release from Bilal's new compilation featuring Gambian artists like: Mariam, Benjahmin, Diha, E-Nyassi, E.N.C., Cess and others. 

Gee disclosed that he is currently working on a new mixtape dubbed Can’t Get Enough of That Feeling and it will be out in December, 2013. 

“Can’t Get Enough of That Feeling is a mixtape suggested by fans. If you know me and you follow my music, you’ll notice that I always get my fans involved in whatever I do. I am still working with the same producers like Sunland Music and Shyboy Entertainment. I also have extra producers to help with the project and they include Jatrix of Nordic Steel based in Swedenand EXP of DefLab,” he added. 

So far, Without You has received a lot of positive feedback.  ”Bro this what we need! Another HIT TUNE!!” said one Bowz Jallow. 

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