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19-year-old Sukaina wants to become the next Face of Africa -Germany
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19-year-old Sukaina wants to become the next Face of Africa -Germany

Gambian beauty, Sukaina-Cecilia Mendy is vying for Face of Africa –Germany 2013 (FOAG), along with more than 90 contestants originally from different parts of Africa. 

A confident Sukaina told What’s On-Gambia; “Gambians are really supporting me. Many of them have been on the FOAG website to vote for me. The audition day is on the 21st September, 2013. We have to do challenges to get points and they will select the girls for the final (the main show). I really hope to be one of the girls.” 

Face of Africa-Germany is a fashion pageant that celebrates the modern African woman to promote African fashion, culture, tourism, beauty and lifestyle in Germany. FOAG strives to inspire young girls like Sukaina to live their dreams and become successful. 

Sukaina was born in The Gambia and moved to Germany to live with her mum at the age of 10. She is currently studying International Economics at the European Economic and Language Academy in Dresden, Germany. 

The 19-year-old told What’s On-Gambia that her mum was very pleased when she heard the news that she is one of the contestants for this year’s FOAG; “My mum started calling everyone to inform them. She is really happy and is praying for me to win.” 

This is the first time for Sukaina to take part in a beauty pageant, but already she has a charity project on mind. According to her she wants to help children from disadvantaged families to stay in school.  “I am born in The Gambia and I know how it is like for children from poor families. I want to help them to keep up at school and get more engaged in their Education.” 

Talking about her taste in clothes, the aspiring Face of Africa-Germany said; “I like to wear elegant things like maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I am a sport person and I love to dance.” 

What’s On-Gambia asked Sukaina to name five items that are always in her handbag; “Wow five items? Let me think. Of course, lip-gloss (I love red), mobile phone, hand crème, calendar and my Mp3 player. 

“I want to thank What’s On-Gambia for supporting me, I am really grateful! I hope to win the pageant and make The Gambia proud. Please everyone pray for me!” she concluded. 


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