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Nova named as artist who impregnated three girls in the same compound
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Nova named as artist who impregnated three girls in the same compound

Popular singer, Nova lost his battle to keep allegations about his sex life under the wraps. 

He was named on Facebook as the artist who impregnated three girls in the same compound.   Nova, also a producer, is up to his ears with stress and anxiety recently. 

The rumor was first made public by Star FM’s Gamvibes Info, but they refused to disclose his name. They wrote on their Facebook page; “The Gambian artist who got series of ladies pregnant has begged for privacy as we wanted to go on air with the story on Monday. 

Investigations mounted by Gamvibes revealed that the artist impregnated a good number of ladies, some (3) of whom are in the same compound with him. Our source close to the artist added that he did not only stop at those three ladies; he continued making use of his popularity by abusing young women around. We learned that he has some other kids outside. Arguably, at the moment he’s the most responsible Gambian artist because he’s got more mouths to feed than any other artist.” 

Although no one is sure exactly how many children he is fathering, rumor has it Nova is always embroiled in messy love affairs. He is like Nigeria’s 2Face Idibia, who is now a self-confessed womanizer. 

Nova, currently in Senegal on some music projects, was contacted by our editor. In a very arrogant tone he said; “Is this prank call or what? Are you serious?” He then added; “Who is the reporter that sent you the story? Can he come and sit face to face with me and ask me these questions?” 

When our editor asked him if it is true that he has children all over the place, Nova declined to comment, saying; “I’m not discussing this. Who gave you the story?” 

His brother, who sounded very friendly, was quizzed by our reporter. But he said; “I would recommend you talk to Nova. I cannot say anything about it.” 

A neighbor confirmed to What’s On-Gambia that the singer-cum-producer is having children, but quickly added; “I can’t tell you exactly how many children. I only know of two girls in the same compound he impregnated and not three.” 

Nova took his place in the industry with the release of the hit single, My Dad My Hero. He is the owner of Ghetto Boy Music. As a young producer, he has not relented in his efforts to keep churning out songs that we love. “He is a great musician and producer, and I would advise him to always practice safe sex,” said a fellow local artist. 


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