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Oops! Busted! Aja Sonko and Awa Bojang accuse of leaking Oumie Ceesay’s naked photos online
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Oops! Busted! Aja Sonko and Awa Bojang accuse of leaking Oumie Ceesay’s naked photos online

Oumie Ceesay a.k.a Uniq Chick is the victim of yet another nude photo leak, after naked photos of herself were distributed on Instagram and Facebook. 

The socialite-cum-businesswoman and her friends were on a manhunt for those who leaked the saucy snaps and now it seems they have a pretty good idea who the culprits are.

A source close to the owner of the Diva Hair Company told What’s On-Gambia: “Aja Sonko and one Awa Bojang are behind it. They created fake Facebook and Instagram accounts to distribute the nude pics.” 

The source added: “With the Instagram mapping features, we were able to track the fake account and it was at Awa Bojang’s address. But she denied it, saying someone gave her the password to post nasty things about Oumie and that was how she gained access to the account.” 

Since then the Instagram account has been deactivated and Awa has vehemently denied any knowledge of the smear campaign waged against Oumie and her company.  

“Let me tell you one thing, I don’t have time for all this nonsense. I was told to go check an account because the owner of that account blocked my account. So as I log in and saw it, I log out of that account!! So plz take your drama somewhere else,” she said in an e-mail sent to one of Oumie’s friends. 

Aja Sonko, who is likely to be dragged to court for leaking Jatou’s Mbowe’s sex tape, is said to be the owner of the fake Facebook account, Tafa Njai. She posted that her former best friend, Jatou is one of Hatib Janneh’s mistresses. 

In a similar development, What’s On-Gambia was recently accused of siding with Aja Sonko in its coverage of the socialite girl’s famous beef with Jatou Mbowe. 

“Anything that’s Aja related always finds an excuse to not be on your page. I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys refuse to publish about her fake Facebook and Instagram accounts,” a young woman told What’s On-Gambia. 

She added: “Is Aja paying you guys not a write about her wild behaviours? She drinks till she literally drops and has flirted with almost all the big men in the country. All them big men wanted a slice of the national cake.” 

What’s On-Gambia was provided with a list of all the popular men that she allegedly had sexual trysts with, but we decided NOT to publish it. Some of them are married and hold important positions in the society. 

In our next edition, we will be talking to Aja Sonko and Awa Bojang. The drama is getting more and more interesting. 

Editor’s note: What’s On-Gambia is not siding with Aja. She contacted us to give us a story about Jatou and that was the last time we communicated with her.


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