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Oops! Princess Shyngle stumbles over spelling
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Oops! Princess Shyngle stumbles over spelling

When bad spelling happens to a princess who wants to sound more British than the Queen, who will bell the cat?

But perhaps if Kairaba Avenue girl, Jama Jack eventually decides to register her business of policing the grammar of Gambian public figures and companies, Princess Shygle might definitely need her services. 

The famous actress was last week in Liberia and had the chance to meet the Ghanaian ambassador in Monrovia. As usual, she took to social media to share the excitement.

Unfortunately Princess, who was in the West African country to premier a new movie, forgot the spelling for “courtesy”.

She wrote on Facebook:  “…….I also made a cutesy call to the Ghanaian ambassador for Liberia, such a nice and humble man and he can't waittttt to be at the premier tomorrow.”

As we go to press, Princess is yet to realise her error.

Not such big deal, you might think, but this is a girl who tries so hard to sound like a British. She attended one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Ndow’s Comprehensive.

Over the last couple of days, Princess has been in the spotlight after it emerged she was admitted in hospital with kidney disease caused by her excessive use of waist trainer. But this she denied in a Facebook post. 


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