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OPINION: Corruption cover-up at Gambia Tourism Board
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OPINION: Corruption cover-up at Gambia Tourism Board

I am a staff of the Gambia Tourism Board (GTB) and there is something terrible happening right now that I thought everyone should know about.  

The National Audit Office is currently investigating the allegations by some concerned staff through a petition they made at the National Assembly Select Committee on Public Petitions.  

The investigation is not going in favor of the former management and the Honourable Minister of Tourism, so the former Director of Finance Ousainou Senghore, who is now the CEO of GIEPA through the minister's influence following their big corruption scandal, is calling his cronies at GTB and asking them to hide some documents on the ecotourism project and told them not to give access to the auditors to meet or interview any of the staff who were involved in the petition.  

The current Director-General who is also complicit in all their corruption when he was director of Quality Control has mobilized the contractor to rush to the sites and pretend that they are working before the auditors' visit.  

It is all fake. He was overheard telling an internal audit staff to do everything possible to delay the auditors’ visit to the sites. 

Work on those sites has stopped since last month when the contractor wrote to them and requested D100,000,000 (one hundred million dalasis) to complete two of the projects. 

 If you can recall sometime last year GTB contracted the service of Lerr Group to construct five eco-lodges and foundation stones were laid in Kunkiling forest, Sotuma and Barra. The contractor promised at the laying of the foundation stone that the projects will be completed in seven months and the Minister also told the National Assembly that the contractor was given 40% and he (the contractor) will prefinance the rest until completion. This has not happened. They have chopped all the money and they are now trying to cover up and tamper with the investigation of the auditors.  

This is the more reason all of them should be sent on administrative leave pending the investigations otherwise they will try to tamper with evidence. These people have deceived everybody on this matter including the president and they are still trying everything to cover for the corruption. 

By GTB staff

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