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OPINION: Sex before employment is illegal!
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OPINION: Sex before employment is illegal!

I am a follower of What's On Gambia and you guys do a lot to educate the population. Therefore, I would like you guys to share this story with your readers to discuss and find a solution because it is holding the country back.

I was disturbed when my cousin sister told me what she encountered from men in her search for employment. " When they see my body and how I look, they are quick to take me out to dinner and to the motel and when I refuse I will lose that job opportunity".

A lot of women and girls complain about the same experience with some men in power and even some foreigners who have businesses.

This has prevented some from even pursuing employment and trying to go back way which is bad for our country. Most of these women just want to earn their living in the right way instead of some man making them his sex toy.

The government should look into this problem and encourage women to come forward and expose those who have the habit of doing this kind of behavior. Trying to work should not be a Quid pro quo type arrangement with the manager or boss.

Sex before employment has discouraged a lot of women from seeking employment and we as a society should do something about that.
Thank you.

Lang Conteh.

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