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OPINION: Tribal zealot Yusupha Jaiteh exposes himself
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OPINION: Tribal zealot Yusupha Jaiteh exposes himself

Closeted tribalist Yusupha Jaiteh has, over the past week, inadvertently exposed his bigotry side, while at it, he also outed his mother as a tribalist as well.

In an interview with Pa Nderry Mbai of the Freedom Radio, Yusupha Jaiteh, erstwhile deputy party leader of GDC said: “Pa, I will tell you this which my mum once told me, she said Fulas are not good people, they are traitors and they will use you and betray you”.

 It is often said that kids are innocent which is indeed true, but they are let down by their parents. In this case, it is safe to say that Yusupha’s bigoted mother let him down big time. 

The bumbling buffoon thought letting everything out will make him appear as an audacious man but instead, he came out of it as an untrustworthy person, a ‘super Kanja’ mouthed guy. Now, who is going to trust this man again, knowing if things don’t go his way he will throw you under the bus? 

The former GDC deputy leader decried about so many issues, among them lack of transparency, being side-lined, tribalism etc. After listening to his interview, if at all he was side-lined and kept out of the loop then GDC has been vindicated for doing so. The guy is a snitch and a hardcore tribalist.

He resigned on a Saturday, 48 hours later he pays UDP leader Ousainou Darboe a visit, perhaps to tell him mission accomplished.

Had Mama Kandeh told him GDC’s financiers, he will not only reveal them to the press but will reach out to them and convince them to cut ties with the party. Hon Kandeh’s mother raised no fool, oh no. 

It is worth mentioning that GDC will be going to Congress in December 2018. Yusupha objected to this, he said he advised party officials to put it on hold for at least four years. The useless and ineffective Yusupha is insecure and feared of losing his position hence his objection. 

When his pre-recorded interview was aired, he came out with a half-hearted apology. Let me remind him Youssou Ndour’s words “Linga hasawakh Loumu meti meti doudeng”. His excuse was the Jahanka/Fula joking relations, but when it emerged that his Mum is not a Jahanka it invalidates his excuse.

By Saul Sarr

A keen follower of Gambian politics


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