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Petrol station reopens despite closure order from PURA
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Petrol station reopens despite closure order from PURA

Tech World has reopened their petrol station at the Bakoteh Dumpsite despite closure order from The Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). 

When contacted by What's On Gambia, PURA declined to comment saying "the issue is currently in court and the Authority cannot comment further on the issues." 

However, the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Malamin Darboe said: "PURA has not opened the petrol station at the Bakoteh Dumpsite, PURA remains steadfast with its determination." 

Asked why Tech World was allowed to reopen without their approval, he responded: "Because they applied for an Interim Injunction to restrain the Authority."  

In an earlier interview with journalists, PURA's Director of Energy and Petroleum, Momodou Lamin Sompo Ceesay revealed the petrol station was constructed without their permission. 

"They defied our orders and went ahead," he said.  

A prominent lawyer told our reporter: "Let the lawyers of PURA get to work. Interim Injunctions are always granted ex-parte, that is, in the absence of the other party. Since they have been served with the order of Interim Injunction, it's very certain that they were served with the motion on notice for the Interlocutory Injunction." 

He continued: "Let them file their affidavit in opposition and aver genuine facts for the refusal of the Interlocutory Injunction. No reasonable tribunal of law and justice will allow the continuous operation of TECH WORLD near the Bakoteh Dumpsite pending the hearing of their issue with PURA. Let them get to work!"


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