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President Barrow takes a third wife
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President Barrow takes a third wife

President Adama Barrow has taken a new wife.

The Gambian leader got hitched in a sudden secret wedding last week in the Senegalese region of Louga – just less than one month after the two met at the second Senegambia Presidential Council Meeting in Dakar.

Barrow tied the knot on the 27th March with Fula beauty, Kumba Leyti Ka.

”They met in Dakar and had a date at a restaurant in Route des Almadies. Foreign Minister Mamadou Tangara and Chief of Protocol Alhagie Ceesay were both present. Barrow wore a suit and bow tie designed by Cut n Fit Tailoring,” disclosed our source.

The Fula beauty, who is said to be a divorcee, is the daughter of the late Senegalese politician Djibo Leyti Ka.

Our source further disclosed: “She’s a very special young woman. She owns an IT firm.”

Kumba’s mum is one of the prominent women leaders in President Macky Sall’s Alliance for the Republic–Yaakaar (APR).

She was previously married to an Ivorian multimillionaire.

The beauty is yet to meet her co-wives, Fatoumatta and Sarjoe, but they have already welcomed the marriage and promised to support their husband.

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