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Prince Ebrahim:”The Gambia was never owned by Britain”
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Prince Ebrahim:”The Gambia was never owned by Britain”

The 8th Sibi Karang Mansa of Kiang Batelling, Prince Ebrahim said The Gambia was never owned by Britain to be freed for Independence or self-rule.  

In a lengthy Facebook post that generated a lot of reactions from his followers, the famous prince wrote: "The queen was never the head of state of Gambia, it was false propaganda peddle by the newly established political class." 

According to him: "This was famously made clear by my great Uncle, His Royal Highness Fa Touray Sanyang (Chief of Faraba Banko) during the “Mansa Bengo” (gathering of The Kings) in Brikama on the eve of so-called independence. On this day, Sir Dawda, Governor Paul and the two envoys of Her Majesty The Queen all were invited and attended the Brikama gathering." 

Prince Ebrahim disclosed that it was the traditional rulers who mapped out a confederated nation of kingdoms, that would later be called The Gambia. 

"InshaAllah, later this year, during my tour of the nation, a lot of factual truth will be revealed. The truth about false narratives, that both colonial Britain and our so-called intellectual/political class so disgracefully had been selling to Gambians, for 56 years," he said.  

One Modou Sanyang commented: "Indeed my prince. Can't wait to hear the truth about our nation. As young people, our minds have been manipulated with this so-called independence stuff." 

Another follower of the prince, Sulayman Jammeh wrote: "Great history indeed. Looking forward to hearing more about the historical perspective of our forefathers. History is just beautiful."


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