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Public outcry over Chinese waste disposal site in Kitty
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Public outcry over Chinese waste disposal site in Kitty

Recent harrowing images revealing a Chinese waste disposal site in Kitty has caused a public outcry, and calls for action from the authorities.

A resident of the village, Besenty Gomez, who struggled to hold back tears when he visited the site over the weekend, said: “They've brought the toxic substance of the Chinese factory in Gunjur to us in Kitty. Our people are falling ill and could soon start dying because of drinking water from wells which carry these toxic substances.”

He continued: “This place used to be our rice fields where most of us got our school fees paid from among others. It’s unfortunate. The health officials must test the soil and water as well as people in the area for any toxic substance immediately before it becomes a national disaster.”

Besenty disclosed that senior officials from the Ministry of Health, National Environmental Agency, Brikama Area Council and representatives from the Chinese factory visited the waste disposal site on Monday.

“Bolong S. Jobarteh, the Director of Public Health Services, gave directives that a stop be put immediately for the disposal of liquid waste and summoned a meeting on Wednesday, January 24 at his office in Banjul. “

Norway-based Gambian activist, Landing Nyassi has also added his voice, appealing to the government to stop the Chinese from dumping their waste in Kitty.

He wrote:” This village has no pipe borne water and if this callous waste disposal is not put to a halt it is going to register dire consequences for the health of inhabitants.”

Golden Leaf Factory is allegedly behind the waste disposal site. Based in Kombo South, they produce fishmeal and oil for exportation. Sources reveal that since their arrival in The Gambia, they operate with very little control from the government.


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