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Racist sex tourist, Jason Smith insults Gambian women
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Racist sex tourist, Jason Smith insults Gambian women

Honestly, what is wrong with some of the European men who visit The Gambia in search of sex?  Didn't their mothers ever teach them, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it!

Jason Smith, a British sex tourist, recently took to Facebook to demean Gambian women alleging that most of them are liars.

He wrote in the group, Cheaters Exposed in Gambia: "I've heard this sob story from Gambian girls so many times, "I lost my parents many years ago and live with my grandparents. To make money I collect firewood!" Come on girls, come up with something original"

Jason continued: "I don't mind spending money on them when I'm there. The most I will do is pay their rent for a month if I spend most of my time at their place and I'll pay for night-outs and food. Why people pay their rent and give them money all year is beyond me. How do you know your girl isn't being shagged all over the place when you aren't there?

"You older women should take advice from this. Realise you have your choice of many men use it to your advantage, as I do with the girls. And at least choose someone who has a bit of affection for you.

He told the 517 members of Cheaters Expose in Gambia: "Never believe a single word an African says and you won't go far wrong, even if they swear to Allah it's true."

A member of the group told What's On-Gambia: "Jason is a white bigot racist pig who treats young Gambian women like dogs or likening them to having steak for one month of the year when he is The Gambia."


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