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Read Aisha Fatty’s full statement defending herdecision to end engagement to Abdoulie Cham
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Read Aisha Fatty’s full statement defending herdecision to end engagement to Abdoulie Cham


I AISHA FATTY, adult female resident in Bijilo West Coast Region, of Gambian Nationality hereby do make an oath and says as follows:

  1. That I am the 1st Defendant and the deponent herein.
  2. That I am a businesswoman in the Gambia.
  3. That I am the owner and proprietor of Metro Hair Plus (Boutique) in The Gambia.
  4. That I know the Plaintiff and was introduced to him in 2021 by my friend one Myram Diaw.
  5. That one of my visits to Dakar Senegal, I happen to lodge in the same apartments with the Plaintiff that was where we met.
  6. That sometime in 2021, I went to Dubai, with my sister Awa Fatty on a business trip.
  7. That while in Dubai, the Plaintiff flew alone to meet me which was a surprise to me.
  8. That during the Dubai trip, the Plaintiff bought me several gifts and my sister and he also proposed to me in Dubai and I accepted.
  9. That thereafter I flew with the Plaintiff and my sister back to Senegal from Dubai.
  10. That in later 2021, I flew to France with my sister Awa Fatty from the Gambia.
  11. That thereafter the Plaintiff joined us in France and also bought us several gifts whilst in France.
  12. That I flew to Turkey from Paris, France with my two sisters Awa and Zainab Fatty.
  13. That while in Turkey the Plaintiff gave me money for shopping through his friend Nihad.
  14. That during my stay in Turkey, I suspected that the Plaintiff despite being introduced to me by Myram Diaw is having an affair with her.
  15. That I received €150,000 given as a gift because the Plaintiff intended to upgrade my standard of living and to buy expensive personal effects.
  16. That after receipt of the said money a Euro account was opened which the Plaintiff was aware of.
  17. That the Plaintiff had knowledge Euro Account opening.
  18. That I never received gold valued at D90 million from the Plaintiff or his emissary.
  19. That at no time did I receive the claimed quantity of Gold from the Plaintiff in the name of any business or but only received a gift to some golf for her personal use.
  20. That I received small gold from the Plaintiff for my personal use, not business purposes as the Plaintiff knows very well that I do not engage in any gold business both in the Gambia or elsewhere.
  21. That I only received money for my shopping in Turkey from one Nihad and not for the purpose of any Gold to be bought for business.
  22. That I did not receive gold from Nihad in Turkey and the Plaintiff never gave me money to buy gold in Turkey either for the purpose of business.
  23. That I did not fraudulently entice the Plaintiff into parting with huge sums of money or spending huge sums of money on me, in the name or guise of a promise to marry him.
  24. That I did not propose any business entity to the Plaintiff.
  25. That whatever monies the Plaintiff gave me or spent on me was with the tacit approval of the Plaintiff himself.
  26. That whatever items I bought from the monies given to me by the Plaintiff were meant for my personal expenses.
  27. That the plaintiff is not the type of person to pull on a fast one on as he is a strategic thinker, a savvy businessman both in Gambia and Senegal.
  28. That in his quest to woo me into marrying him, the Plaintiff would go to any length to lavish expensive gifts on me.
  29. That I only bought 2 sets of gold chains, a bag, and a watch from the money I received in Turkey as it was meant for her personal expenses only.
  30. That at all material times never talked about any business plan with Plaintiff and has never received from the Plaintiff said quantities of Gold in the Gambia or anywhere.
  31. That the Plaintiff had willingly proposed to me and consequently had been buying me gifts in order to further convince me to marry him.
  32. That I had always been willing and ready to marry the Plaintiff until when the Plaintiff cheated and eventually became very aggressive and obsessed about it.
  33. That I am born to an Imam father who is a household name in The Gambia and I come from a good family home and would always be faithful to the Plaintiff if he had not cheated on her and become aggressive thereafter.
  34. That the Plaintiff was never deceived me but was in a serious relationship in anticipation of marriage until the Plaintiff showed him his true colors.
  35. That the white Mercedes Benz came in June 2021 prior to the Plaintiff's Marriage proposal while the black Mercedes came in October 2021 after the engagement and both were for my personal use from the Plaintiff.
  36. That these vehicles were both consigned in my name and intended for and also registered in her name. The Plaintiff knew these facts.
  37. That I never raised issues of joint business with the Plaintiff and had not received any Gold from the Plaintiff or anybody sent by the Plaintiff for the purpose of business in the Gambia.
  38. That I was never involved in any purchase of any villa for the KP1 Real Estate Limited as the said Estate Agent is not known to me prior to this suit.
  39. That I do own any business engaged in Real Estate in The Gambia and do not know any business by the name KPI Real Estate Limited.
  40. That the 2nd Defendant's Investigation was on organized crimes syndicate and as a result seized my vehicles, in the guise of investigation since April 2022.
  41. That pursuant to the said seizure by the 2nd Defendant for a prolonged period of time I filed a suit seeking for an order directing the 2nd Defendant to return the vehicles to the 1st Defendant among other reliefs.
  42. That at all material time, the vehicles were given by the Plaintiff to me and sent all the bills of lading in my name.
  43. That the 2nd Defendant did invite the Plaintiff during their investigation and even obtained a statement from him.
  44. The 2nd Defendant's so call investigation into my activities including my accounts and vehicles were all orchestrated and remote-controlled by the Plaintiff.
  45. That the Attorney General and 2nd Defendant vigorously defended my suit seeking to get the vehicles released from the indefinite investigation by the 2nd Defendant.
  46. That the Attorney General went to the extent of seeking an ex parte order to freezing my accounts in the name of money laundering. The sad application was refused.
  47. That my case at the High Court is seeking for an order directing the 2nd Defendant to return my vehicles as I am the legitimate owner of the said vehicles.
  48. That it time to get over the news of infidelity of the Plaintiff with my supposed friend and that really agitated the Plaintiff and applied more pressure to force the marriage through.
  49. That I refused and the Plaintiff became very desperate and started stalking me.
  50. That the Plaintiff had a propensity for violence and had on a few separate occasions handled me in a less than gentlemanly manner and thus causing bruises on my arms.
  51. That I realized that I was being lured into a potentially very toxic and violent relationship with money and expensive gifts.
  52. That due to the unpredictability of the Plaintiff behavior, I was scared and ultimately reached the conclusion that marriage to the Plaintiff would not be a good idea.
  53. That in following my suspicion was confirmed when I overheard the Plaintiff conversation with the said Myram Diaw.
  54. That I was very disappointed with the Plaintiff and hurt by the whole affair.
  55. That I then sent him a message to inform him of my disappointment.
  56. That the Plaintiff came to the Gambia to talk over it without informing me.
  57. That the Plaintiff came to the Gambia in December 2021, without my knowledge and invitation got into my car at Bijilowater front with a view to discussing the matter.
  58. That the Plaintiff was insisting that I should forget about it because he really wants us to get married and assured me that after the marriage everything will be settled.
  59. That from that moment, I confirmed with certainty that the Plaintiff had actually had an affair with Myram Diaw, who I knew 10 years ago before meeting the Plaintiff.
  60. That I then asked the Plaintiff to give me some time to allow me to think this through and possibly come to terms with it and it really took some because I was utterly heartbroken, disappointed and hurt.
  61. That the Plaintiff became agitated and held on my arms and squeeze it and stating that he will not give me time as he has made payment for an island in the Maldives and will not get his money back, so we must proceed with the marriage by force.
  62. That the Plaintiff eventually hurts my arms by pressing it so hard and his aggressiveness on that day was fearful.
  63. I was frightened at the Plaintiff's temper and aggressive nature and I insisted that he should put on hold the wedding plans as he has started to follow me around sometimes.
  64. That prior to this entire incident, the Plaintiff had promised to buy me 3 personal cars.
  65. That acting on that promise he sent the white Mercedez Benz in July 2021 prior to the proposal in Dubai.
  66. That there after the black one came in October 2021 after our engagement.
  67. That both cars were shipped in my name as it is clearly stated in the Bills of Lading.
  68. That upon receipt of the two Mercedez Benz I asked the Plaintiff not to send the other car which was supposed to be a Range Rover as I am driving a Range Rover.
  69. That sometime in April 2022, I was arrested by the 2nd Defendant and taken to their office in Banjul.
  70. That my mobile phones were seized by the 2nd Defendant.
  71. That I was allegedly arrested in respect of a trans-national crimes syndicate.
  72. That I was informed that my name was mentioned by one Nigerian man whose details I was not given.
  73. That during my interrogation by the 2nd Defendant, my two cars were seized pending the investigation.
  74. That at the time of taking the vehicles, I was assured that it will take only 2 days and my cars will be returned to me.
  75. That from April 2022 the said vehicles are in the custody of the 2nd Defendant up to date.
  76. That sometime in June 2022 I filed an Originating Summons against the 2nd Defendant seeking an order directing them to release my vehicles.
  77. That my case against the 2nd Defendant and the Attorney General is yet to be determined.
  78. That whilst my suit against the 2nd Defendant is pending the 2nd Defendant filed an application against me for freezing my accounts but the said application was refused.
  79. That the said application was refused and consequently dismissed on the 23rd February 2023.
  80. That whilst my suit was pending against the 2nd Defendant and the Attorney General I was served with the processes of this suit.
  81. That I am still shocked and in dismay about the Plaintiff's claim before the Court.
  82. That I am a successful businesswoman in The Gambia but have never dealt in the business of Gold in the Gambia or elsewhere.
  83. That I have never received gold in the Gambia or anywhere for the purpose of business.
  84. That in December 2021, the Plaintiff came to the Gambia unannounced and without my invitation go into her car at Bijilo Water Front with a view to discussing the issue and became aggressive and violent physically and caused me brushes on her left arm.
  85. That the vehicles being claimed by the Plaintiff were all given to me as Gifts at all material times.
  86. That when the Plaintiff sent me the white Mercedez Benz in June 2021, he put a bouquet of flowers inside it as a confirmation of the Gift.
  87. That due to the unpredictability of the Plaintiff behavior, I was scared and ultimately reached the conclusion that marriage to the Plaintiff would not be a good idea.
  88. That I make these statements to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

Sworn to in Banjul

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