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Reo’s accused of poor customer service
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Reo’s accused of poor customer service

A young Gambian, Omar Touray is warning others of his experience at Reo’s Bar and Restaurant in Senegambia.

“My fellow Gambian brothers and sisters if you want to go for a night out, try somewhere else, not Reo’s. They are horrible and disgusting,” he said.

Omar accused Reo’s of poor customer service and overcharging their customers.

“I was forced to pay D300 to enter. Many of the customers I met inside were complaining about their customer service. Their management team is rubbish.

“Cheating customers is one of their number one priorities.  I met one of the managers to lodge a complaint, but guess what? He was talking to me like a nursery school kid.”

Omar added: “It’s high time to let Gambians know we should fight for our rights. Let us avoid patronising businesses that have very little or no respect for us.”

Reo’s is one of the most popular Lebanese-own hangout spots in  the Senegambia Strip. It is frequented by both locals and tourists. 


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