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REVELATION: Sweden-based Gambian woman claims husband gave her AIDS
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REVELATION: Sweden-based Gambian woman claims husband gave her AIDS

A 28-year–old Gambian woman (name withheld) living in the Swedish city of Örebro has claimed her husband of more than five years has infected her with HIV/AIDS.

She made this shocking revelation during a telephone interview with What’s On-Gambia.

According to her, she went to the hospital to meet a gynecologist and a blood test confirmed she is HIV-positive.

“Since I got married to him, we have been trying to get a child and that is why I went for a fertility test in 2012. I wasn’t prepared for the HIV results that shattered my life. My husband also went to the hospital and the test turned out positive,” said the 28-year-old.

The nightmare news would break any marriage, but they managed to lean on each other. It wasn’t until late last year when the marriage started suffering. She discovered that her husband was sleeping with girls during his holidays in The Gambia.

“She is exposing them to the virus and I told him. He is selfish and should be named and shamed,” she said.

The woman, who got a child with another man before his HIV-positive husband, is now seeking divorce in the Swedish courts. 

“I want What’s On-Gambia to expose him. You can publish my photo with him. He has to be stopped. I know he is right now having two girlfriends in Finland and The Gambia. I only hope they are using condoms.”

According to her, she has to take medication every day for a better overall health.  She said: “medication adherence decreases the risk of transmission. I can sleep with other men and the chances of infecting them are very low.”

When contacted, our Sweden-based reporter confirmed the woman called her on his mobile phone.

“She called me last week Wednesday after contacting us on Facebook. I made it very clear to her that we cannot publish the name of her estranged husband or show his photos to the public. It is illegal!”


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