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Royal Messanjah wins big on YouTube!
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Royal Messanjah wins big on YouTube!

Reggae musician, Royal Messanjah has become the latest Gambian musician to win big on the American video-sharing website, YouTube.

A video showing him singing his popular song, The Gambia, with famous British singer Jess Stone has received more than 420,000 views since being uploaded three months ago.

Commenting on the video, YouTube user, Thiago UK said he would easily pay 1000 euro to see Royal Messanjah on stage.

For one Bunny Boo, the Gambian reggae star’s voice is golden.

Barry Brown also wrote: “WOWWW!! I was completely transfixed like: I didn't want it to end!”

Another YouTube user, Mary Trinity Grace Taylor said Royal Messanjah’s song, The Gambia, is his new favourite. 


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