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Saikou Camara releases new book
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Saikou Camara releases new book

US-based Gambian, Saikou Camara has released his book, Testimony of An African Immigrant: A Promise to My Father, which is now available on Amazon, Kindle, and Apple iBooks.

“Thank God and thank you to everyone who helped brought this project to live. The book is officially released,” the young author wrote on his Facebook page on Friday, 2nd February.

According to Saikou, Testimony of An African Immigrant: A Promise to My Father, published by Jollof Publishing, will make you laugh and emotional.

Here is a review of the book by Mrs Cany Jobe - an Oil & Gas Engineer. She is also the founder of We-STEMGM and Editor in Chief of Jollof Publishing.

Saikou Camara believes that for far too long, Gambians have not nearly been proactive enough in telling our own motivational and success stories, our trials, our challenges, our continent, our ambitions and our positivity to the world. We have accepted to be relegated to the status of being the inhabitants of a little-known country in a very misrepresented continent despite the inspirational paths eked out by many nationally and internationally.

With this in mind, Saikou has delivered a compelling read.

The Testimony of an African Immigrant is a highly inspirational and gripping memoir drawing from the author’s own journey of growth towards impactful and intercontinental communal influence with themes of austerity, dreams, and challenges that are highly relatable across all of Africa.

In a thought provoking yet pleasing read, and true to his African story telling roots; Saikou gently, sometimes humorously draws the reader’s attention to some of society’s failings and lapses for which we tend to develop an indifference- his nemesis Sedate’s case of child neglect and his own case of child labor; the illegal and legal migration out of Africa; overt and institutional racism in the U.S; xenophobia; the antipathy that sometimes flares up between Africans vs African Americans, home-grown Africans vs Diaspora Africans; and of course having lived through and encountered a dictatorship up close- the ever present case of failed political leadership in Africa.

And throughout it all, the author demonstrates and simplifies the concept of ambition, tenacity, achievement and leadership. He motivates and rouses the reader in a genial manner as he eagerly pulls you into the prism of his viewpoints with words of advice relatable to people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

And expectedly, as a quintessential advocate of social justice and changes, Saikou uses the opportunity to direct some words of caution tailor-made for African Political Leaders.

A true must read for all.


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