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She’s rich!! Teneng Ndure reveals how she made her millions
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She’s rich!! Teneng Ndure reveals how she made her millions

Meet Teneng Ndure, a young millionaire businesswoman and philanthropist who is worth millions of dalasi. She was born in a poor family and started her first business when she was just 19. Read the interview below to find out more about Teneng Ndure. 

What’s On-Gambia: Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself? 

Teneng: I’m originally from Nuimi, but spent most of my childhood in Bwiam. I attended Gambian Senior Secondary School and started working as a secretary for Shyben A. Madi & Sons and also the late Baba Jobe’s Money Shop on Kairaba Avenue. 

Is it true that you were a national athlete? 

Yes, from 1997 to 2000 

Any medals? 

I was the best at my events – long jump and 800m. So I have lots of local medals. 

When did you leave The Gambia for Sweden and why? 

I left in 2003 after getting married to a Gambian living there. 

Are you still married? 

I’m still married with two kids. 

Teneng Ndure in Sweden

How is life in Sweden (compared to The Gambia)? 

It’s very different, to be honest. There is no place like home! In Sweden, I don’t have my family and friends close to me. The weather is critical. Back home, we have the sun and the smiling faces. 

Are you a Swedish (EU) citizen now? 


Now to the big question – how did you make your millions? 

(Laughs) I know many people are interested to know about that. Anyone who knows Teneng knows that she is hardworking. If I fix my mind on something, I always make sure I achieve it. I’m a fighter, and I fight hard. 

It was the same when I was a national athlete. I always wanted to win, no matter what. I don’t believe in folding your hands and allowing others to do things for you. I believe in independence! And whatever money I make, I always share it with people. It is important in life to share. You don’t have to wait until you’re a millionaire to do that.

How did you make your millions? 

I arrived in Sweden in 2003 and I was not a millionaire then. Like all other immigrants I went to school to learn the Swedish language.  My first job was with Sony Ericsson, a multinational mobile phone manufacturing company. 

In 2004, I started sending containers, filled with second hand items, to The Gambia. It wasn’t easy taking care of my kids and going round to collect used items.  

After two years, I decided to expand my business by travelling to Dubai and America to buy things and sell them to Gambian immigrants in places like Italy, Switzerland and Spain. 

Do you have any investment in The Gambia? 

I have a second hand shop, where I mainly sell used items from Europe. I’m also into building materials, household items like furniture, and recently I opened a fashion shop. 

I provide employment to so many young people. Some of them I helped to start business and two of them I brought to Italy. 

I always have people knocking on my door. There are lots of opportunities in The Gambia and we should help each other to secure a source of income. 

Teneng and Jaliba Kuyateh

Why do you spend a lot on Jaliba Kuyateh? 

I don’t see anything wrong with that. My relationship with Jaliba is not today. It started back in the days when I was working for the late Baba Jobe. 

In 2013, I gave out four cars including that of Jaliba. I don’t tell people what I do. It was Jaliba’s decision to let the cat out of the bag. 

How much did you pay him to write a special song about you? 

Billahi, I gave him nothing to praise me. When he came to Sweden last summer, I was invited as Chief Patron and I surprised him with the car and that was the moment he said he will do a special song for me. I refused, but he insisted. 


Do you agree with the widespread belief that “anyone praised by Jaliba Kuyateh ends up bankrupt”? 

(Laughs) That’s people’s opinion. I believe in God and he gives and takes. Jaliba has praised so many people who are still successful. 

How many namesakes do you have? 

I got my first namesake when I was in Grade 12. I can’t remember the exact number….wait let me count (laughs). No, I don’t know (laughs). 

You own an orphanage in Tallinding. Tell us about it? 

I have eight children there right now and two on the waiting list. The two on the waiting list, I have to visit their families to confirm if they really need help.  I have a staff at the orphanage. 

What sorts of charitable activities are involved in? 

My charity work is like an everyday thing. Few days ago I organized a Jaliba show at the KMC grounds to raise money for a child with broken bones who needs operation abroad. 

I like giving back to the community and I thank God for making that possible. 

You own one of the nicest houses in the country… 

No, no. There are houses that are far more beautiful than mine. People are really working hard. Just visit the Brufut area and see. 

How do you cope with two-faced and backstabbing people? 

This is why we are different from Senegalese. In Senegal instead of pulling you down, they will try to come closer and enjoy it with you. 

I try to be nice to everyone, but I don’t also waste time on people who just want to hate. I am not perfect, but I do try my best. 

Let’s stop being so judgmental and crucifying each other. Let’s try to be happy and stop the hard feeling.

Teneng Ndure 

Final words? 

My advice is: If you want to be somebody. If you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention. 

Let’s also learn to love and support each other.  Left to me alone, every Gambia will be successful and live a comfortable life.  But I cannot make that happen. Let’s keep praying and also work hard. 

I thank God and my mum for my achievements. I lost my dad in 2006, but he provided us with the foundation to succeed in life. Special thanks to all my supporters (laughs). 

And please What’s On-Gambia stop following me!


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